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WordPress Security!

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SQL Injection

Stop letting hackers steal your data.

Security Headers

Keep your website safe from exploits.

Bot Swatter

Reduce bandwidth and hack attempts by detouring bots

Human Verification

Reduce login attempts by forcing users to prove they're human and not a bot.

The "HaxorProof" WordPress plugin offers a suite of security features
aimed at enhancing the protection of a website. 

Feature Description
Admin Menu & Settings Page Creates a settings page in the WordPress admin area where various security options can be configured.
Human Verification
  • Adds an overlay to the login page that requires human verification.
  • Implements a countdown timer before displaying a checkbox for verification.
  • Disables certain keys and right-click on the login page for security purposes.
Bot Blocking
  • Blocks access from known bots based on user-agent strings.
  • Logs attempts from blocked bots and redirects them to a specified URL.
Non-Browser Blocking Denies access if the user-agent does not correspond to a known web browser.
Geoblocking Restricts access based on the visitor’s geographical location, allowing only specified countries.
Rate Limiting Login Attempts
  • Limits the number of login attempts to prevent brute force attacks.
  • Implements a lockout period after a certain number of failed attempts.
Secure File Uploads Restricts file uploads to specific MIME types to prevent malicious uploads.
Admin Activity Logging Logs admin login activities for monitoring purposes.
Session Management Starts secure sessions and periodically regenerates session IDs to enhance session security.
File Integrity Monitoring Monitors key WordPress files for changes and notifies the admin if any unauthorized modifications are detected.
Security Headers Adds various HTTP security headers to protect against common vulnerabilities.
Hide WordPress Version Removes the WordPress version number from the site's HTML to prevent exposure.
Disable User Enumeration Prevents user enumeration by redirecting author archive queries to the home page.
Redirect Without Hostname Redirects users who access the site without a valid hostname to a specified URL.
Honeypot Field for Login Form Adds a hidden field to the login form to trap and block bots.

Overall, this plugin is designed to provide comprehensive security measures, including human verification, bot blocking, geoblocking, secure file handling, session management, and security headers.

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